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22 aug 2016

More stable version!

  • Parser - add - rules for endif and "netx i".
  • Parser - improve - skip for empty lines when check scope.
  • Parser - improve - do not capitalize keywords inside of strings.
  • Editor - add - open images by double-click in project area.
  • Editor - add - selection for pair brackets.
  • Editor - improve - remove autocompletion when cursor is inside of string.
  • Editor - fix - crash that occur if there are 3 or less items in autocomplete list.
  • Editor - fix - locked file doesn't stored in settings.

19 mar 2016

Code Editor
  • Not add unwanted chars " ' ) ] if they already were under cursor.
  • Add "Add property dialog" - to context menu in editor and in View item of main menu. It makes property addition very simple and fast.
  • Ctrl+E - remove line under cursor.
  • Fix: crashed when type " ' ) ] at the end of line.
  • Improve keywords capitalization (exclude it from highlighter). don't caps while we are typing word.
  • Fix for go back/forward logic when after last position it’ll go to the first pos.
    And now also stored pos in line - not only line number.
  • Fixed: selection by Ctrl+MouseOver - not flushed earlier. And now don't move cursor to mouse pos, so it does not confuse at ctrl+c/v/x operations.
  • ToolTip: show (property) instead of (method) for properties.
  • Refactor code for highlight caret row and word under cursor. It looks good now.
  • Improve word under cursor selection - now select in 3-screen height range, and it works for one-letter vars.
  • New: show autocomplete after typing 'New_' (here: _ is space).
    If ident in line has type (i.e. :Sprite) - list will contain this word, else - all classes names.
  • Add ability to switch to Insert / Overwrite mode by pressing Insert key.
User Interface
  • Remove "lock targets" button, and disable comboboxes without it.
  • New icons, taken from icons8.com, add link to it into About dialog.
  • Add "Class Info" button to Source dock panel; also replace text buttons to iconic in this panel.
  • Add Undo/Redo buttons into Toolbar.
  • Refactor for theme adjusting. If try to set incorrect theme - it changed to default - QtCreator.
    Not set editor colors automatically when change theme.
  • Add parsing of properties ('property' keyword).
  • Add parsing of private section of a classes.
  • Improve parsing of := , including 'eachin' case. It understand many new cases now.
  • Improve: if ident type look like ? # % $ then it will be added with correct type Bool / Int / Float / String - including funcs and params types.
  • Remove snippets logic from autoformat function - here is a bad place for it. Someone use it?
  • Add option "Show autocomplete list after X typed chars" (it was 3).
  • Open Paths section in options dialog when monkey path isn't set (usually, on first start).
  • New option: "Capitalize keywords".
  • New option: "Add ':Void' for methods" if they have no return type (on/off in Options -- Analyzer).
  • Combine panels Editor and Themes.
  • Add ability to change editor colors; changes adjusting immediately from color chooser dialog.
  • Add option "Show line numbers".
  • Fixed: Slow down when restore window from minimized state.
  • Oh! showEvent is emitted on restore, but it have overhead - show splash within 2 sec waiting, parse all monkey modules! Changed this logic.
  • Add "Save on close" dialog - it allow to select files to be saved.
  • Update info in About dialog - add link to site with icons and add new link to donation - my own donation page.
  • Window title now updating according to current open document. With ‘modified’ star symbol.
  • Fix: app crash after closing tab with code file - when a few files is opened.


Jentos.Code is a powerfull and free code editor for Monkey X programming language.
Based on original Ted v1.17.


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